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 Blood diamond also known as the conflict diamond, the dirty diamond and the war diamond is the diamond which can be mined and excavated in a war zone and be sold. The control over the diamond mines has become linked to the bloody civil wars filled with abuses, hostility, resentment and violence. Blood diamond also known as the conflict diamonds are from areas wherein the recognized government is being opposed. Today the problem of blood diamonds and illegal smuggled diamonds made the governments and the diamond industry to adopt systems to prevent this illicit activity. To promote the trading of diamonds from legitimate sources and to ensure that consumers can be confident in their diamond jewelry purchases, governments, NGOs and the international diamond industry have worked together to implement a certificate of origin system, known as the Kimberley Process. The Kimberly process is a certification system that prevents diamonds from an area of conflict entering the legitimate diamond


 Professor Ann Woodlief describes American Romanticism by saying, it “developed its own character, especially as these writers tried self-consciously to be new and original. ” In this statement, Woodlief argues that the American romantic authors strove to distinguish some differences between American and British Romanticism. The two forms of writing were already very similar, so the authors of this time period forced themselves to find a creative way of making American Romanticism unique. These were just some of the many works that characterized the ideals of Romanticism. Without the transcendental and romanticism movements American literature would not be what it is today. These movements have shaped the way today? s authors approach writing. Also these movements have allowed for one to expand his or her mind to new ideas and new ways of approaching life. 1. After reviewing the Romanticism resource page, list three characteristics of Romanticism. Also, identify three authors of the Ro


Karma. What is karma? Is it a part of life? Is it what helps us make decisions? Or is it the balance of life and everyone living in it? In Charlie Fish’s story Death By Scrabble karma is the main theme. This fictional story is about a husband and his wife playing Scrabble, a game in which players earn points for the words made by them with available letters. What makes his punishment even less severe is the fact that it affects Wilson, a man who should not have been punished at all. The absence of karma and justice in the conclusion of the novel is clear because even though Tom is a childish, irresponsible, horrible adult, his punishment is of too little magnitude for karma to be at play. The absence of karma in society is evident. They are not ruling dharma and karma, but they govern “to preserve the world” (3rd: 25). _Shakuntala_ also portrays a strong Hindu society and Hinduism. There is sadness and melancholy due to dharma and karma but the ultimate destinies are well-controlled. H


 Panning for gold often results in finding pyrite, nicknamed fool’s gold, which reflects substantially more light than authentic gold does. Gold in its raw form appears dull and does not glitter. “Not all that glitters is gold” is an alternative formulation. [3][4][5] The inverse of this expression, “All that glitters is gold,” is a lyric in the Led Zeppelin song, “Stairway to Heaven”, the Smash Mouth song, “All Star” and theDeath in Vegas song, “All That Glitters”. All that glitters is not gold is a well-known saying, meaning that not everything that looks precious or true turns out to be so. This can apply to persons, places, or things that promise to be more than they really are. The expression, in various forms, originated in or before the 12th century[1] and may date back to Aesop. [2] Chaucer gave two early versions in English: “But all thing which that schyneth as the gold / Ne is no gold, as I have herd it told,” and “Hyt is not al golde that glareth. ” The popular form of the


South from the Spanish Main, Delacorte Press, 1967 “Latin America. ” Encarta. CD-ROM. Seattle: Microsoft, 2001. Leon, Juana Ponce de. Our Word is Our Weapon, Seven Stories Press, 2001 Liss, Peggy K. and Liss, Sheldon B. Man, State, and Society in Latin America, Praeger Publishers, 1972 “The Peace of Latin America. Some words came into English through French but some were taken directly from Latin (major, minor, intelligent, permanent). 4. The Latest Stratum of Latin Words. The words of this period are mainly abstract and scientific words (nylon, molecular, vaccine, phenomenon, vacuum). Norman-French Borrowings may be subdivided into subgroups: 1. This accounts for the existence of the so called etymological doublets like canal – channel (Latin -French), skirt – shirt (Sc. English), balsam – halm (Greek – French). International words. There exist many words that were borrowed by several languages. Such words are mostly of Latin and Greek origin and convey notions which are significant i


 I don’t believe that it happened because he gave in too much to his curiosity. I believe it was his destiny to have this curiosity, to look into the unknown and to try to have the power to create life. What led him to this was the death of his mother this made him want to try to reanimate the dead, it was his mother’s destiny to die so that Victor’s destiny would be fulfilled. When he was building the monster, he didn’t try to stop himself, when the monster came to life he ran away, he left Elizabeth alone for a second on his wedding night thinking he was the one the monster was after, he then chased after the monster thinking it was his destiny to do so which caused his death. He believed everything that happened was his destiny and that he could not have altered it. When you believe in destiny you try to do what you think your destiny has planned out for you, and even if you don’t you still do what was planned, even if you’re wrong about your destiny it always catches up with you. T

Thoughts About Death

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.” ~Norman Cousins “What is happiness?” What a completely dense and loaded question this is. If I were to write a paper about happiness, I would then need to operationally define happiness in terms that allowed everyone to understand what I was referring to. Living a good life is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for happiness. In other words, it is possible to live a good life without being happy, but not happy without living a good life. This a ‘philosophical’ account of the relation because many philosophers have a particular idea of happiness and the good life that is not shared by everyone, with their emphasis on clarity of thought and sound reasoning. A good and happy life is one in which pleasures outweigh the pains overall. Many questions have been asked about the good life and happiness. People constantly answer those questions with their lives, and we see many different idea